Anycool T728

Anycool T728

Cellulare Dual Sim prodotto da Anycool, con sistema operativo Proprietario, schermo da 2.6 Pollici, processore 1. [cod. anycool t728]

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Tipo di cellulare Cellulare
Design Candybar
Reti 2.X GSM/PCN
Risoluzione display [pixel] 1200 x 1600 pixel
Lunghezza diagonale [Pollici] 2.6 Pollici
Tecnologia TFT
Numero di colori 262,144
Tipo tastiera Touch + tastierino numerico
Foto e Video
Messaggistica e Internet
Connessioni e Comunicazioni
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Recensione Anycool T728

Record a TV program right on the Transflash memory card, or use the phone for calls up to a maximum of 7 consecutive hours, or operate independently, but simultaneously, including two GSM Sim Card. These are the resources and the potential offered by new mobile phone of the brand Anycool, known as the T728. The model has a display with 260,000 colours and reaches a weight of 90 grams including the battery.

Main features: network, display and power

7 hours of consecutive use of the phone during conversation. A value which is almost a record for maximum autonomy of Anycool T728, and in particular the lithium-ion battery has a capacity estimated at 850 mAh. The device used for durability in a call from 3 to 7 hours while in stand-by this autonomy grows stabilized around 100-150 hours. As for the connection resources, however, the model qualifies as Quad Band GSM, while not counting any support for the so-called advanced third generation (3G)networks reception, such as UMTS. There is support for the GPRS protocol, and the Wap browser which allows surfing on the net. As mentioned it can handled two SIM cards simultaneously, both active at the same time. The display filter has a 2.6 inch of 260,000 colours, 320x240 QVGA resolution pixel and Touch-screen.

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